Hit to become the king of punches!. Increase your power by going through the right doors. Your growing fists will give you self-confidence. Defeat the enemies one by one and they will try to prevent you from achieving success. The final will be even more challenging. A red giant enemy is waiting for you in the final. Gather your courage, hit him and send him off the cliff.


– Experience fun mechanics that are easy to remember
– Grow your fist by going through the most accurate doors
– Earn golds by punching red enemies
– Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment with fun animations in the finale


– Different playgrounds with beautiful environmental designs
– Lots of enemies and giants to defeat
– Lots of doors to decide
– Level upgrades will be waiting for you to increase your power and earn more money!

Client Name

Click Game Studio

Release Date

September 28, 2021

Project Types

Hyper Casual

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